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Any Altitude - Concorde Batteries are at Home

Concorde Batteries are designed for any altitude, that means space too. Aerospace batteries in practice. Altitude, is the measure of distance above sea level. The further away you get, the more interesting, and more adverse the environment becomes. Concorde Batteries are designed for aircraft at any altitude, and we have gathered a few record breaking examples here to show you.

Concorde Aircraft Batteries were onboard each of the following historic record breaking flights. Each of the batteries chosen for these flights came right off the rack, and was not a special order part. Concorde provides decades of experience, quality hand made, aerospace batteries, made in the United States, with pride.

Concorde Aircraft and Aerospace Batteries are designed to perform in these harsh environments.

Global Flyer
Around the world, 1 tank of gas!

X-Prize Winner!

White Knight
Carries SpaceShipOne to 50,000 feet.

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